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From the idea to the final product: with “The shape of values” we will show you the magic of our work A multimedia project in episodes that will take you behind the scenes of some of our craftsmanship processes.

«Our creativity stems from the observation and understanding of the world we live in and the awareness of our roots.  We add to it our vision of the future, with a vivid memory of the expertise of our traditions: that’s how we bring our products to life.  That’s how we shape our values»  Lapo Ciatti

Creativity, identity, originality, pragmatismsustainability are more than abstract concepts. They are our values, the ones that inspire us and our work every day. They have neat outlines and colours, they are real and consistent. They have a shape, the shape of our furnishing pieces, through which we aim to spread beauty and to take care of people.

Each new product is the result of a curious and keen research, a passionate study and a careful design.

A mix of uniqueness and talent, where tradition blends with innovation, craftsmanship and technology. And it’s always a huge emotion to see them being shaped into real pieces of furniture.

With The shape of values – the new video project that we present to you today – we wish to share with you the magic of the exact moment when our designs come to life and “our values turn into shapes”.

Episode by episode, we will take you on a journey to discover some of our most interesting working processes. We will open the doors of the laboratories of our craftsmen to show you how timeless gestures are able to create the objects that we use every day.

A journey in stages strongly wanted by Opinion Ciatti’s CEO and Art Director, Lapo Ciatti, because it is able to convey the core of the corporate know-how: a fusion of advanced industrial procedures and the old traditional expertise, that is still preserved and handed down by the generations of local artisans.

In The gold leaf, the first episode of our video series,  the “shape of our values” looks like a gold, thin veil that, with its fragility and lightness, can change anything.

In the secondA leather story, the protagonist is leather, modelled by expert hands, with both traditional and modern gestures that turn it into soft shapes.

With “Hand-wrinkling aluminum”, the third episode of our video project, we celebrate the uniqueness of the human gesture, the hand-made that no industrial process is able to recreate.

In the fourth one, "The cocciopesto surface" an ancient and distinctive material from the Tuscan landscape becomes an ambassador of sustainable change that incorporates the uniqueness of craftsman work.

Coming soon

Finally in the fifth episode, "The making of an Icon", we take a closer look at the close intertwining of machines and manual labor, of technology and creative genius. That extraordinary alchemy that allows an icon to take shape.

"The shape of values": a suggestive journey that we wish to share with you.