“The Making of an Icon”: when a design object comes to life through the perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship. A dance between industrial and artisanal processes in the latest fascinating episode of "The shape of values"

With "The shape of values" we have explored the moment when an idea takes shape, turning from a concept into something tangible that can be crafted and, ultimately, into an object to be experienced. We have witnessed the careful hands of our artisans honouring age-old traditions through innovative processes, timeless gestures creating everyday items.

Now, with "The making of an Icon", we continue this journey by showing how a unique and inimitable result can also stem from the synergy between machines and humans, from the winning combination of highly automated technology and vigilant eyes that never stop observing, and steady hands that never tire of checking the minutest detail.

The star of this episode could only be one of our most representative pieces: Original Ptolomeo by Bruno Rainaldi. A bookcase that has become an icon: a perfect example of how, thanks to the combination of industrial processes and human ingenuity, a myth takes shape, piece by piece.


It is a continuous and rhythmic process, made of careful fitting and filled with sparks, with machines that cut and bend and hands that place and fix. A well-orchestrated ensemble, almost like a dance, which does not diminish the magic of hand craftsmanship but rather enhances its precision.

A process that can only be completed by human gesture, by those hands that finally assemble, ensuring that the idea and design can indeed be transformed into values to be experienced. After all, for something to be considered an icon, it must be flawless, and only the human gesture can guarantee its standards.

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