PAPAVERO RAGGIANTE Gherardo Frassa / 2012-2018

Papavero Raggiante is not just a suspension lamp, with stainless steel petals, it is a tribute: to the poetry of flowers and their innate evocative power made of colours and perfumes and to the creative genius of its own designer, Gherardo Frassa and his unique Metal Poppies.

Flowers for all seasons, as their inventor liked to call them, flowers that are quite able to overcome the transience and become a lamp whose strictly hand crafted petals can create rays of light.

Unique pieces that provide any environment,  contract or residential, that hosts them,a feeling of wellbeing and lightness.

Just like a meadow full of flowers during a sunny summer day.

“… and Frassa became a poetical and avant-garde gardener. Cultivating not only a real garden of tin flowers, but also an ideal place, where poetry would never be missing.”


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