Exploring icons, design, function, and art. At Supersalone, Opinion Ciatti presents the four souls of its products through new items from the latest collection, as well as a selection of its most representative pieces.

An appointment we all looked forward to, marking a time of hope and rebirth after such profoundly difficult years.

Opinion Ciatti returns to Salone del Mobile, in a special edition curated by Stefano Boeri, to present new products and, even more importantly, a new concept.

A fresh way of looking at things which is the outcome of the reflections that Lapo Ciatti – company CEO and Art Director – and his staff have matured over the last two years. This has led to the definition of the values, mission and vision of the company, the birth of the 2020 collection and, more recently, the reorganization of the catalogue.

And it does so by bringing to Supersalone, hosted in the Rho Fiera Milano pavilions, the products of the 2020 collection and a selection of its most representative pieces. A fascinating journey between past and present, following a leitmotiv that links all the collections.

<< The last few years have marked a sea change in our way of conceiving our homes and lifestyles. Our rooms have turned from spaces where we used to spend as little time as possible into places to experience more deeply and share with others. Boundaries are less defined now; they have become more fluid and blurred.

We could not ignore this change, and, in our own way, we have tried to be part of this evolution >>, explained Lapo Ciatti.

The result of this concerted work marking both a change of perspective and a new awareness was the design of furnishing and accessories that liven up their environments, just like spices and sauces do with a dish. Products that have a great personality while addressing specific needs, knowingly adding flavour to spaces, characterising atmospheres. 

The 2020 collection was a direct consequence of this, and organizing the new catalogue was the next step.

All our products have been divided into four categories: icon, design, function and art. These names were chosen to describe the spirit of objects which in their diversity can all proudly represent the same identity. 

And it is precisely a path between icons, design, function, and art that is proposed to the visitors of Supersalone.

A path that winds through the new pieces of the latest collection, here on display for the first time, and the already famous products of the Florence-based company.

Macis pepe cartesio 1

Pepe by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Macis by Lapo Ciatti

Loomi stand1

Loomi by Lapo Ciatti

Among the icons – the signature pieces, a perfect combination of design, function, and charm – we find Lapo Ciatti’s new Macis table and Yum Yum armchairs, as well as Raffaella Mangiarotti’s Pepe chair alongside great best-selling products such as Bruno Rainaldi’s Ptolomeo bookcase (in the Original and Wall versions) or the La Cima and Senzatempo coat racks, again by Lapo Ciatti.

In the design category – daring creativity at the service of functionality – make their debut Loomi and Cartesio, the armchair and blackboard stand from the 2020 Collection both designed by Lapo Ciatti, alongside the Mammamia chair by Marcello Ziliani and the XXX coffee table collection also by Lapo Ciatti, representing the “classics”.

Zenzero, the bar cart by Samer Alameen launched in November last year, has been chosen to represent function – products for which usability is key – while for the art category the stools from Bruno Rainaldi’s Tab.u collection perfectly embody designs that love to stand out and amaze with their exuberant aesthetics.


Senzatempo by Lapo Ciatti


Ptolomeo Wall by Bruno Rainaldi

All of this is displayed in a setting of 6 linear metres that Lapo Ciatti has purposely kept essential and minimal.

On the one hand, the layout and decor succeed in emphasizing the products, which are displayed on bases just like true works of art; on the other, through the visible chipboard structure designed by Andrea Caputo and Stefano Boeri Interiors, the concept of sustainability and reuse are underlined.

In the city, Opinion Ciatti’s most iconic piece, Original Ptolomeo by Bruno Rainaldi is also part of the exhibition dedicated to the winners of the Compasso d’Oro award at the ADI Design Museum, which was inaugurated last May.

Awarded the prestigious prize in 2004 as an “evocative sculpture that upends the traditional bookcase with incredible irony”, Ptolomeo has ranked among the best examples of contemporary design ever since.


Original Ptolomeo at ADI Design Museum


ADI Design Museum entrance

<< We are happy to participate in this very special edition of Salone del Mobile, happy and excited to be able to come back and meet the many customers and enthusiasts who will come to visit us – commented Lapo CiattiI can’t wait to finally introduce our latest collection in a live setting and get first impressions and feedback from visitors.>>

A long-awaited opportunity for meeting and discussion that is fundamental for a company whose trump card is being receptive and open to dialogue and which, through its offering, aims to transform all living spaces into places full of love, emotions, and memories.