Loomi Lapo Ciatti / 2020

Loomi is the padded seat by Lapo Ciatti designed to meet the many needs of our daily life

Larger than a chair, less bulky than an armchair. A comfortable place to snuggle up, a small corner of the world in which to retreat, to relax or work, study or wait. .

Loomi’s wide backrest ensures comfort and privacy, its discreet size meets the need for airy space, the reassuring shape and the wide choice of finishes make it ideal to complement any type of environment with character and naturalness.

Finally, the optional swivel table (large enough to accommodate books and notebooks, laptops or tablets) turns it effortlessly into an independent and functional microcosm. An island ready for use that keeps up with our contemporary lifestyle, where fluidity of space and time are paramount.

Loomi goes beyond classifications and can be placed indifferently at the service of training centres and waiting rooms, co-working spaces and offices, libraries and lounges, conference rooms and our homes.

A protected shell from which to relate to others or to oneself, in person or through a screen.

Cool and fragrant, sometimes spicy, undoubtedly persistent.

A charming presence, an independent island. A safe nest where to indulge in daydreams.