Ptolomeo wall Bruno Rainaldi / 2003 - 2013

Ptolomeo Wall is the wall version of the Original Ptolomeo and could be defined as the "column of knowledge”.  A stack of levitating books or a ground-air column (floor-ceiling) for every space in which it is placed. Equal to the Original version, except for the base, Ptolomeo Wall is a metal column from which a series of C-shaped shelves depart, and once filled it disappears to leave the books at the center of the scene. Absolutely essential, it is the ideal solution for those without much place available for furnitures, taking advantages of the vertical spaces in the environment. Ptolomeo Wall is perfect for creating potential infinite columns of books that can challenge the law of gravity. In traditional apartments or high ceiling lofts, there is no place that cannot be achieved by wisely modulating the three sizes in which Ptolomeo Wall is made.

Available in glossy white or lacquered mat black finishes, it is an innovative wall composition for public and private environments of any type.