A story of craftsmanship expertise and inimitable beauty “The shape of values” is back with “Hand-wrinkling aluminum”, third episode that focuses on the powerful charm of the manufacture

A journey through our values and our inspirations to the search for that extraordinary moment when these take shape and turn into iconic and inimitable objects. With “The shape of values”, episode by episode, we take you with us to the core of the most suggestive processes, the inimitable ones, as they are done by the hands of our craftsmen.

And it is the power and the uniqueness of the human touch to be the protagonist of “Hand-wrinkling aluminum”, the third appointment with our video project: here we wanted to share the beauty and the determination of that human gesture that can transform anything. 

To show you this magic, we chose to be helped by Tab.u, the stool with a strong personality, designed by Bruno Rainaldi, and by the aluminum foils that cover it. Those foils, that in the hands of the craftsmen are shaped into charming objects. 

Tabu 2
Tabu 1

Simple gestures, apparently casual, that actually are the result of an accurate and expert technique that wrinkles aluminium each time into different shapes, creating amazing light points, shadows and opacities, impossible to replicate.

And so, once again, we are conquered by that fine craftsmanship skill that no industrial process can ever recreate and that is actually at the core of the uniqueness of each stool and of all the unique pieces made in our laboratories.

“The shape of values” is a video project in episodes: would you like to watch them? Click HERE.