TAB.U COLLECTION Bruno Rainaldi / 2004-2009

Take a wooden frame, cover it in aluminum and then work its surface, "scrunch” it by hand to achieve a crimpled profile. This is the process at the core of the Tab.u Collection, stools, tables a and mirrors designed by Bruno Rainaldi with absolutely distinctive lines.

The low Tab.u stool, the firstborn in the family, is a really versatile object. It is perfect in any environment and for all uses: around the table for an unexpected guest, in the bathroom to rest objects or towels, in the living room when there is no more room on the sofa or in the bedroom instead of the usual bedside table.

Its elder brother, Big Tab.u is a traditional tall bar stool. It is stunning around a counter or a kitchen island, both at home or in the most glamorous clubs.

Available in a gold and chrome finish, they are the top of the range in the Opinion Ciatti catalogue.

The family is complete with the addition of Tab.ulino and Tab.ulone coffee tables and Tab.u Mirror.

" Once they have drunk from of it, everyone seems to take it out on the can and crush it, as if it were a liberating action.

The Tab.u stool arises from this observation, treating the aluminium that coats the stool as though it were a can.”

Bruno Rainaldi