Design Reflections All the novelties of 2023 Salone del Mobile

Reflection: this is the common thread that lead our journey, and the concept that we have chosen to present the 2023 novelties.

Reflection in its double meaning: not only a physical phenomenon but also a mindful activity, careful consideration, deep evalutation.

New products, new finishes and range expansions that, while taking care of the spaces and the people that live there, encourage to look further and see beyond the surface of things, looking for deeper meanings.

That’s how our novelties came to life: Oodh, the new mirror by Lapo Ciatti, and Mammamia Raw, the outdoor variant of the Mammamia chair by Marcello Ziliani, Pacifico Evolution and LAlampada LED, but also the cocciogrigio finishes and the new fabrics that dress our padded products.



Long-haired ecological fur: gritty and saucy, playful and daring