Pacifico Lapo Ciatti / 2022

Essential, refined beauty for a modular structure available in two sizes (90 or 120 cm) to fit any space and designed with three purposes in mind – as a bookcase, desk and TV stand – to meet the ever increasing demand for versatility in contemporary living.

Pacifico by Lapo Ciatti is a steel wall system that stems from a paradox: the idea of a wall that is not a barrier, but a way to join spaces through the power of knowledge. Pacifico is also a tribute to those who contributed to spreading knowledge throughout history, like Pacificus of Verona, to whom we owe the development of the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona, the most ancient library in the Western world, still open today.

With just 24 cm of depth, it fits even in the tightest spaces. Thanks to the eco-friendly desk shelf, it transforms into a practical and private workstation. In the TV version, it can accommodate televisions ranging from 50 to 90 inches, allowing you to choose the viewing height as well.

Available in matt white or smoke grey with an industrial flavour, Pacifico perfectly suits living and home office areas, corridors and bedrooms  as well as offices, meeting rooms and hotels. Its sleek and minimalist design offers an ideal solution to furnish rooms in a creative way, while bringing order and harmony into any kind of space.

Pacifico 14