ILtavolo 2.0 Lapo Ciatti / 2022

A table that keeps up with the times, that is much more than an evolution, because it is the result of a process made up of listening, research, and study. This project has been strongly desired by Lapo Ciatti and his team, who wanted to design a product that is adaptable, flexible, and 100% sustainable, offering a concrete response to new needs.

With essential lines like its predecessor ILtavolo, ILtavolo 2.0 stands out for being entirely made in aluminium, a feature that makes it not only lightweight and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but above all fully recyclable.

Opinion Ciatti’s increasing attention to sustainability is also reflected in the choice of the finishes. Alongside the classic white, the sophisticated gold leaf, and the new gold and silver metallic paints, ILtavolo 2.0 also comes in a new special cocciopesto effect, a coating that is a tribute to the colours of Tuscany’s landscapes and, on the other hand, an expression of research and innovation.

Known since the time of the Phoenicians and improved by the Romans – who used it as a waterproofing material – the traditional cocciopesto mix is made up of fragments of tiles and bricks combined with lime-based mortar, and is still widely used today as a coating both for indoor and outdoor floors and walls in damp environments.

In its 2.0 version, used for the new table by Opinion Ciatti, cocciopesto becomes a special ecological microbiotic-based mortar. The mixture – composed of noble polymers, quartz sands, and calcium carbonate – is enriched with microorganisms, widely used in organic farming for their antioxidant properties, which improve compactness and resistance to impacts and abrasions. The resulting material – in red, white and, 2023 novelty, grey pigmentations is fireproof, waterproof and free of resins, lime, plaster, and cement. The processing is water-based and without the use of chemical solvents, so it allows the complete reuse or recycling of all its components.

Eco-friendly and with a minimalist design, ILtavolo 2.0 stands out also for its functionality. A measure of this is the optional set of wheels that can be applied to two of the four legs, making it easily movable within the environment.

A nomadic table that meets the new furnishing needs of both residential and contract spaces.

A versatile product that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of contemporary projects.

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