Craftsmanship, sustainability, research, identity. The ingredients of "The Cocciopesto Surface" The behind-the-scenes exploration of our work continues with the fourth episode of "The Shape of Values"

The almost hypnotic allure of hands that work, melt, mix, shape, create. The magic of repetitive yet ever-changing gestures that not only give form to a material, but also to an idea.

Telling the story of the moment in which a drawing is transformed into a concrete object is mysterious, powerful, and complicated at the same time. That’s why we have decided to use images to describe the precise moment in which this little ‘miracle’ happens and values take shape.

With "The Shape of Values", our video project, we take you to the heart of the creative process. In this fourth episode"The Cocciopesto Surface", we explore a unique material from the Tuscan tradition that undergoes an innovative process to meet the demands and expectations of the third millennium.

Known since the time of the Phoenicians and improved by the Romans, who used it as a waterproofing material, traditional cocciopesto consists of fragments of tiles and bricks mixed with a lime-based binding agent. In our 2.0 version, cocciopesto undergoes a remarkable transformation into an entirely sustainable and recyclable ecological microbiotic-based composite, a special waterproof and durable finish that covers the surface of ILtavolo 2.0 by Lapo Ciatti.


Its rich brick-red colour celebrates the vibrant hues of the Tuscan landscape; the manual precision with which it is prepared and applied is a tribute to the unique and inimitable nature of craftsmanship.


Like master pastry chefs, our skilled craftsmen mix, amalgamate, and spread the ingredients with absolute precision to achieve a perfect balance. A careful and meticulous process that elevates the repetitiveness of the gesture to a ritual.


A formula that is constant and yet ever-changing, one that only manual dexterity can recreate. A material rooted in the past and projected into the future, to be discovered and embraced.


"The Shape of Values" is a video project in episodes: to see them all click HERE