“Your life is like the harmony in which yin and yang are blended together.” - Chuang-tzu

Yang, the display cabinet by Marta Giardini, is inspired by the ancient Taoist philosophy and reinterprets in a contemporary way the archetype of the Chinese wardrobe.

Yin and yang, “the shady side of the hill" (yin) and “the sunny side of the hill” (yang). Night that becomes daylight and daylight that becomes night. Inside and outside. Everything stems from its opposite and nothing can exist without its other half.

Yang, the special sculptural wardrobe launched during the 2018 Salone del Mobile, follows this theme and it preserves and admires, holds and exhibits at the same time. A slight and elegant frame in anodised aluminium, clad with hardy crystal, leaves room to total transparency, to a continuous exchange between what is inside and what is outside. A discreet and functional structure which is offset by a large, central, sculptural metal handle. The frame has a smooth, satin finish while the handle shines like a jewel as a result of its gold or black nickel coating. It is like a large “stamp” that attracts the beholders’ attention, inviting them to look at something that is simultaneously protected and exhibited.

A piece that reveals thousands of different facets: they are defined by the interaction between content and container – yin and yang. It is an extremely versatile piece that can be hosted in both public and private spaces and that, due also to the two finishes available - black or burnished brass - easily suits the most diverse environments, be they classical, minimal or inspired by the industrial style.

I started from the handle, a sort of stamp, from the Tao symbol. My idea was having a large, big stamp which talks to everything stands all around. I wanted a focus point able to catch the eye and at the same time to push it away. A neverendig dialogue, as the yin and yang eternally do.

Marta Giardini