GAGÀ Maurizio Galante / 2007

It is the different meaning given to the term gagà in Italian and in French, the two languages he loves, that Maurizio Galante reflected upon in conceiving his Gagà, the collection that includes two sideboards, characterised by surfaces that provide a sophisticated pattern of circular mirrors.

Mirrors that enchant, mirrors that give back images that are as mixed up as they are fascinating, in a game of references that does not go unnoticed nor does it leave one untouched.

The sideboard with doors is made in lacquered mdf and is entirely coated with a thin layer of glossy stainless steel. The interior, that hosts two crystal shelves, can be painted in one of the 213 colours of the RAL Classic folder, to “build” the Gagà that suits you best.

Same finishes and materials for the lower version composed by of three separate spaces, two compartments with a crystal shelf each and a drawer.

With its strong personality, it is an ideal container for a living room, but also for a bedroom with the intention to astonish.

"… Is it possible to stretch a line between the standard, the popular,  the duplicated and  the unique? Can the basic live with the elaborate, the common with the rare? The everyday is not necessarily about repetition and routine: it can be magical!"

Maurizio Galante