Opinion Ciatti 2019 novelties A collection in symbols and thoughts.

A trip to the boundaries of time, but also a trip in time. A deeply symbolic collection, at times evocative of the past, was presented by Opinion Ciatti at the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile. Because there are symbols, signs and depictions that – quite simply – have the power to cross the millennia and settle in a parallel dimension from which they then tell their “timeless” story.

This is how Senzatempo by Lapo Ciatti, Freeedom! by Roberta Colombo and the line extensions of Mammamia by Marcello Ziliani emerged; it is against this backdrop that Atavica came to be, the “capsule collection” designed by Marcantonio.

A clothes hanger that hints to the infinite, a mirror that screams freedom, a chair that speaks of wonder, next to them Atavica, a collection within the collection, that recovers the traces of a long gone past.

<< Each of us started from a concept, more than a function: even before creating a product, we all felt the urgent need to give a shape to an idea. I am very excited by this collection – continues Lapo Ciatti, the company's CEO and Art Director – because it is a compendium of emotions and suggestions. It is a tale of the history of mankind, but also of its dilemmas and conquests. We looked back and discovered instruments, symbols, and representations: tools that serve to live in the present and build our future>>

Senzatempo 1

Senzatempo - clothes hanger

design Lapo Ciatti

Freedom 1

Freedom - mirror

design Roberta Colombo

Mammamia sled txt 1

Mammamia - upholstered chair

design Marcello Ziliani