Frutteti Gherardo Frassa / 2015 -2017

On stage a series of engraved metal shapes, gently embedded on the edge of a classic crystal fruit basket. Frutteti is the series of Bohemian crystal bowls where brass and steel light figures lie on. Turning an object of common use in sophisticated design is a dear concept to Opinion Ciatti, and Frutteti perfectly embodies this mission by succeeding in transforming an anonymous crystal cup in something special.

Free citations about seasons for the three subjects of a line full of strong symbolic meanings and evocative features: fairy dragonflies, exquisite leaves  or delicate butterflies.

The dragonflies of Libertà by Gherardo Frassa smell like summer. Gentle and little animals, everlasting archetype of freedom, who instead of flying undisturbed above the wheat fields burned under the August sun, decide to stop in our homes.

It clearly reminds to autumn the tiny leaves which stand on Come d'autunno a New York, giving our tables the same romanticism as the ones falling during autumn in New York's parks.

Elegant as spring can be, the ladies of Madama.B – the last subject of the line born in 2018 from the art of Gianluca Bianchi. Large and small butterflies which land on our bowls as soft as they do when in spring they flutter from flowers to flowers.

Frutteti is a collection which aims to convey emotions before being functional, becoming perfect "companions of life”.

" How to applied art to the fruit, how  to make special an object of common use. "

Gherardo Frassa
Frutteti 1

The three subjects of the serie: from left to right Libertà/Freedom, Madama.B, Autumn in New York.