Ombres de chats Angelo Barcella / 2010 - 2017

Ombres de Chats by Angelo Barcella are poetic objects, delicate table sculptures. Shadows of curious, busy, sore, angry or bored cats, instants which are made eternal when transformed into some very special steel furnishing accessory.

Available in 5 shapes, they stand on a circular base that guarantees stability.

The Ombres de Chats are part of the special Selection d’Objet, a product of small size and a new-entry in  Opinion Ciatti family, presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017.

" It is the emblem of restlessness and patience at the same time. A restless cat does not stay in the same place more than a silk thread that is pushed back and forth by a wind breath. A cat at the same time motionless like death remaining at his place of observation, and neither hunger nor thirst can distract him from meditation. "

Alexandre Dumas