Foliae Lamp Roberto Mora / 2018

Many stainless steel leaves welded together to form a spectacular wall lamp, just like many leaves in a tree form its thick foliage. The Foliae collection designed by Roberto Mora is inspired by the plant universe, the innate capacity of the leaves to unite, creating volumes.

Vibrating light effects characterise these appliqués, essential and elegant at the same time, perfect for illuminating gracefully and lightly corridors and entrances, in residential but also in professional spaces.

Available in two sizes and two metallic finishes (gold or silver) they adapt well to all types of environment in which they are placed.

Foliae collection also counts a stool with multiple uses and a coffee table.

Starting from a very small single piece, assembling it in the most varied ways and being amazed by the "forms" that could take. Developing the Foliae Collection with Roberto Mora has been a wonderful experience.

Lapo Ciatti