Koji Lapo Ciatti / 2022

Sparkling, dynamic, contemporary: Koji, the new coffee table with a thousand uses by Opinion Ciatti is exactly so, a concentrate of vitality like the ingredient, enfant terrible of contemporary cuisine, of which it bears the name.

For centuries a mainstay of traditional Asian cuisine Japanese cuisine in particular, so much so as to be part of the national heritage Koji is a special mould that is revolutionizing culinary traditions all over the world, adding to dishes that savoury and tasty umami flavour that we love so much.

Lapo Ciatti’s Koji, on its side, is ready to spice up environments and provide a space where to put down stimulating ideas and sparks of inspiration at any time.

Flexibility and versatility are indeed the main characteristics of the Koji coffee table. Adjustable in height by means of a practical ring nut, this sleek table has two small castors concealed in the base that make it easy to move around the room and experiment at will a variety of arrangements. Next to a sofa as a tabletop or used as a laptop stand, at home but also in contract environments for an impromptu workstation, or as a standing desk to encourage correct posture.

With its steel structure and MDF top, Koji can be lacquered in black, brick red, or metallic gold. Answering the call of sustainability, it also comes in a version with an environmentally-friendly top produced from recycled fiberglass and its components. A totally green panel because it is 100% recycled, as well as recyclable at the end of its life.

Koji, a table that meets the needs of modern living and which, as in haute cuisine, adds an innovative ingredient to domestic and contract spaces.