ILtavolo Lapo Ciatti / 2013 - 2015

ILtavolo is a table that doesn’t need a lot of descriptions. It is a varnished steel table, with minimal and essential lines, a table…the table…ILtavolo.

So, look out for the personalisation available for ILtavolo: not just any other table, but your ILtavolo.

Two shapes (rectangular and square), five different dimensions in the catalogue (4 in the rectangular version, 1 in the square version, with quotes available for special projects), 213 colours available from the RAL Classic guide, 2 finishes emulating materials (cement, or bronze), 4 leaves (gold, silver, copper, black): these are the extraordinary numbers that characterise ILtavolo.

An almost unlimited number of options, for a table, ILtavolo (designed by Lapo Ciatti) that suits any environment.

Despite its thin and delicate silhouette, this table shows great strength and balance. Thanks to its infinite personalization options, it suits all indoor areas – residential and contract alike – from the most contemporary and minimalist to the most traditional environment with its leaf versions.

Finally, the option of adding a small tray with a cable hole means it can also become a work top or a desk.

ILtavolo is the firstborn in the essentials range by Opinion Ciatti (enriched by LAlampada and ILletto), pieces that are all characterised by highly recognisable shapes and pure functionality, features that are dear to this Florence-based company. These pieces are nevertheless able to astonish, becoming unique thanks to the care attached to personalisation.

" I wanted to create a table that would suit every need ... extremely versatile.

To choose with the same ease of selecting clothes in a clothing store.

ILtavolo is born like that..and any other name would not have made the idea of what it is. A table. "

Lapo Ciatti