“The gold leaf”: it's this tiny veil the protagonist of the first episode of “The shape of values” An ancient process rich of splendour and charm

In The gold leaf, the first episode of The shape of values, the shape of our values appears as a thin veil that, though fragile and delicate, can change anything.

Known since the times of ancient Egypt, used by faraons and then kings and emperors and also in religious art to celebrate the Heaven’s glory, the gold leaf has survived the centuries and amazed people of all ages. Leonardo Da Vinci himself was so in love with it, that he designed, in the Codex Atlanticus, a machine to help craftsmen save time by laying the precious leaf rolls and its veils more easily.

That’s why we see our story and identity in the shape and texture of the gold leaf. For four hundred years the gold leaf has illuminated Florence from the top of the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, where the Golden Ball is located: a worldwide symbol of Tuscan craftsmanship. The secret of its production are kept by the families of the Florentine goldbeaters: delicate and complex working procedures that need patience and extreme care.

In The gold leaf, through the expert gestures of our craftsmen, we will show you the stages of its application on one of our most iconic products, the Mammamia chair, designed by Marcello Ziliani.

Tsov2 1
Tsov3 1

Elegant and linear, the Mammamia chair becomes even more stylish when covered in gold leaf. A wonderful protagonist, a special piece of furniture, the light source that makes all the surroundings more precious and luminous.

This is the power of the gold leaf and that is why we use it as a finishing for many other products of ours: ILtavolo table, LAlampada lamp and ILletto, the canopy bed, but also Cartesio, the multimedia support, Henri, the shelf system and the trolley, Zenzero. Smart pieces through which we wish to spread light, magic and passion for life.

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