Mammamia Marcello Ziliani / 2013 - 2016

One, one hundred, one thousand Mammamia! You could very well say that when you realize the surprising versatility of this chair collection by Marcello Ziliani that embraces countless combinations and variants: stackable or non-stackable, with or without armrests, hard or upholstered.

With its distinctive young and informal design, and its soft and sinuous lines, Mammamia has an ergonomic and welcoming seat and a light structure, features that provide the chair with a balanced, pleasant and enticing look.

Glossy or matt, textured or rich, minimalist or decorated. It can be covered with light leavesgold, silver, copper  – hand-polished in the mirror version, cladded with finish that recalls materials like concrete and bronze, or give shimmering glows thanks to the new metallic gold and silver coatings.

The seat also comes in soft upholstered versions with fabrics or leather, for an elegance that is second to none.

A never-ending range of choices for this chair with a die-cast aluminium shell and steel structure, that has no intention of stopping surprising!

Thanks to its almost infinite versions, it suits any indoor or covered outdoor environment. From the most contemporary and minimalist to the most traditional and refined Mammamia is always the perfect choice.

Complied with UNI-EN 16139:2013 European Standards which determine the strenght, durability and safety requirements of chairs for contract use, it is suitable both for public and private spaces.

Nuova finitura desaturata2

" Designing Mammamia was first of all to pay a tribute. In creating a chair, the reference to the masters is obviously inevitable, and I felt it was a good idea to celebrate the Eames plastic side chair with a project that recaptured its elegance and proportions, however, introducing a substantial element of innovation such as the use of aluminium die-casting. This choice has allowed to reduce the thickness of the body to "extreme" sections of only 4 mm, but at the same time to obtain solidity in order to allow the use of the long and thin steel legs, giving lightness to the furniture. The chair is very thin and almost two-dimensional, but at the same time it is very solid and extremely comfortable."

Marcello Ziliani