Cartesio Lapo Ciatti / 2020

What is the right space for our thoughts? And for our projects? Is there a space where they can expand and take shape?

Cartesio, a steel trestle/stand for multimedia appliances with cable management column and integrated shelf by Lapo Ciatti, is the answer to these reflections.

Cartesio is designed for large TVs but it is also a stand for special magnetic boards on which to pin ideas and reflections.

Impeccable in black, essential in white, especially stylish in gold leaf, Cartesio is ideal for both education and leisure. With Cartesio you can project old auteur films, modern productions, immersive video games, challenging slides, or show complicated mathematical graphs, fascinating mood boards, stunning keywords, or delicious menus of the day.

Whether in education and training institutes, bars and restaurants, conference centres, meeting rooms, your living room or home studio, Cartesio nurtures knowledge and style.

A space that enables you to shape ideas, express creativity, turn intuition into form. Where to imagine, discover, learn, deepen, invent.