Ramo Marcantonio / 2019

An accessory that pays tribute to the two most important materials used over the centuries – wood in its shape and metal in its substance – Ramo is a sculpture that interprets the coat stand and is also a rather clear reference to what was quite possible the first “hanger” in history.

The two hooks - covered by two of the three main branches the hanger is made of - allow it to hang from a wall and therefore does not need to rest on a base. Ramo artistically reinterprets a branch resting on a wall, which nevertheless does not forget its functional nature; its 11 tiny branches act as hooks and turn it into a clothes hanger, which ensures great capacity in a limited space.

Available in three finishes – pure white, corten effect to give an ancient nuance and a refined galvanic gold plating - it is a piece that positively embellishes all the environment it is hosted in, whether public or private.

Ramo is part of the capsule collection Atavica, presented during the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

I think that some natural elements like the ramifications of trees embody in themselves nature’s utmost strenght, through their ability to adapt, to grow, to expand and give life to leaves, flowers, fruits. This is why I decided to make Ramo, giving it the cloack of royalty that it deserves through a noble material like metal and a precoius golden finish.