Chiodo Schiaccia Chiodo Bruno Rainaldi / 2007

Chiodo Schiaccia Chiodo is more than just a nail, Chiodo Schiaccia Chiodo is a line of nickel plated wall-mounted clothes hangers. An idea of Bruno Rainaldi's remarkable spirit of observation, Chiodo Schiaccia Chiodo is a ready made design object. Thanks to its characteristic shape, this special coat hanger becomes a furniture that combines industrial character with a refined glossy finish (chrome, 24 K gold and black nickel). Extremely versatile and easy to install, it plays a leading role in all environments, and is no longer relegated to the only entrance but becomes a distinctive feature in the living area, the bedroom and why not in the bathroom. With Chiodo Schiaccia Chiodo the shape becomes the protagonist without hindering the functionality of the object, a form that invites to play with fantasy to create highly personalised combinations, at home as well as in professional environments.

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" The opening of any building site is always witness to the usual act of a handed-down legend.

Builders, a few gestures, some deal boards left over from a closed building site and a handful of nails.

The boards stained with lime are put together with long nails, even crooked or rusty, with a few hammer blows. It will be used to hang the builders’ clothes.

I could never resist looking at this spontaneous “functional work” in the many building sites I have visited.

Magnicent for their real minimalism and amazing for their function.

The hanging clothes, without the fashionable black for an unchanged postwar neo-realism, looks like a masterful styling for a shoot.

Nail digs Nail.

A nail in fusion, in silver, gold or black nickel, simply inserted into the wall. "

Bruno Rainaldi