Chaperon Bruno Rainaldi / 2007

The meaning of the name derives from the figurative use of the word chaperon which means “hood”, but in worldly contexts it refers to those who introduce somebody into a new environment. And so does Chaperon the clothes hanger designed by Bruno Rainaldi, which on one hand will be used as a storage for hoods and coats, and on the other to place the clothes of the newcomers.

Chaperon is essential and sophisticated at the same time. A "classic" metal structure with a circular base and a rotating system, at the ends of which are placed small discs to easily hang the clothes. Mirrored discs that give a furtive view of what's behind us, the last undisturbed to prepare for what, once you take off your clothes, will be forced to face.

Extremely sophisticated in finishes, in polished chrome or glittering 24 K gold, it is available in the version with 6 mirrors or four elements with 18 mirrors.

Perfect in entrances, in the office or at the bar, and it is also suitable for a living room, in the bedroom, bathroom or in a walk-in closet.

" Go around, look at and only afterwards, choose."

Bruno Rainaldi