LA CIMA3 Lapo Ciatti / 2010 - 2016

La Cima by Lapo Ciatti embodies the idea of ready-made in design: the most traditional braided nautical rope is reinterpreted to become an innovative and appealing coat rack.

A rope to be hung using special hooks from the ceiling or the wall, that with its three rings becomes a coat rack that is as original as it is functional. A furniture accessory where shape becomes the protagonist without relinquishing its ease of use, an object that, on the contrary, like all real objects of design, can turn an everyday action into an unforgettable experience.

Not just any coat rack, but a real protagonist in any lived environment, be it at home, in the office, in a bar or in a hotel hall. Living rooms, waiting rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms and kitchens: La Cima is an ironic and fun touch whatever the environment.

La Cima is available in three colours (white, black or sand) and can be combined with hanging rings in four different finishes (varnished black metal, chrome, black nickel or 24 k gold).

La cima 1

“ A line between earth and sky, an escape route, the harmonious yin-yang balance – recollections of a sea-crossing and getting to a safe harbour. Spontaneous symbols and references for a piece of almost ready-made functionality and designer aesthetics. A hanging rope for hanging whatever can be hung.”

Lapo Ciatti
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