Foliae Collection Roberto Mora / 2018

stool with multiple uses and a coffee table, made by welding small sheets of metal. This is how the projects of the Foliae collection are born, sculptural objects, between art and design, which come to life thanks to the skilful work of expert craftsmen who assemble the pieces of steel, one by one, with meticulous care.


Two little elements designed by Roberto Mora and inspired by observation of the fascinating leaves. The smaller and at the same time more vital parts of the tree, thin and fragile, but at the same time majestic and visible, they represent a distinctive feature of the tree itself if grouped in a thick and luxuriant foliage.

The Foliae collection is based on this concept; many small leaves joint together to create life, in a succession of empty and full spaces, to complements with a strong symbolic character: stool and small table, but also a wall lamp.

These decorative pieces of the Foliae collection, are absolutely expressive and can give an immediate sense of poetry to all the environments in which they are placed. In every room of the house but also in the most refined contract contexts.

Objects of great elegance, thanks to the metallic gold or silver finish, which, like the foliage of the trees, transmit a sense of lightness and solidity.

In the leaves I have acknowledged the opportunity to group together, join up and follow a shape. Join up to create volume and to establish together a "skin made of nature”. 

Roberto Mora