Borchia Lapo Ciatti / 2013

Borchia the clothes-hanger hook designed by Lapo Ciatti and is a tribute to the world of punk style. Its shape is a clear reference to the studs applied on garments and, like the movement to which it is inspired, wants to be a strong and unconventional object, simply out of the box.
Presented together with the Mammamia Punk chair in 2013 - the year when all over the world paid a tribute to the punk philosophy, thanks to the prestigious show Metropolitan in New York -  Borchia is made of cast metal and is available in chrome polished, 24 k gold or black nickel finishes.
Extremely decorative, and easy to position, Borchia is suitable for any environment, residential or professional, both as a complement to the existing furnishing and as a real coat-rack. Perfect in the open spaces of contemporary homes, it easily becomes a solid towel-rack in the bathroom or an element of high aesthetic value in the living room, in the bedroom or wherever you want to furnish with a touch of aggressiveness and irony.

" Simple icon of the punk world that becomes furniture, decoration, quotation. "

Lapo Ciatti