Mammamia High Marcello Ziliani / 2018

Mammamia High by Marcello Ziliani is the stool version of the famous Mammamia chair.

Fixed stool with die-cast aluminum shell, steel structure and rubber-covered footrest that recalls in two different heights suitable for bar stools, the same sinuous and thin lines of the chair, extending, even more, its already attractive legs.

The stool can be lacquered with gold and silver metallic glows,  cladded with finishes that recalls materials as concrete and bronze, entirely covered with light sheets – in gold, silver and copper –, or be hand-polished in the mirror version.

Lastly, Mammamia High can come in soft versions with shell upholstered with fabrics or leather and structure in chrome or gold 24 K finish, for an elegance that is second to none.