Mammamia Fur special edition Lapo Ciatti / 2015

Mammamia is sinuous, coloured, brilliant...warm!

Mammamia Fur is the “soft” version of the Mammamia chair, a very special edition designed by Lapo Ciatti.

The die-cast aluminium shell is covered by a soft faux fur that immediately transfers a feeling of comfort without relinquishing a touch of glamour, which is the distinctive feature of the Mammamia chairs.

The result is an idea where style, comfort and originality blend in together to create the perfect solution to create a welcoming space rich in personality.

Available in three colours – pure white, dreamy pink or bold black , Mammamia Fur knows how to warm up the heart.

“Adding warmth to an aluminium chair…an idea that arises from a need. So why not wrap the chair up in warm fur?”

Lapo Ciatti