Pepe Raffaella Mangiarotti / 2020

Pepe is boundless expanses and infinite horizons. Pepe is the scent carried by the wind, it is the smell of the earth.

Pepe is a chair whose design is inspired by the riding saddle. Designed by Raffaella MangiarottiPepe has a sinuous silhouette, a steel structure, and stylish hand-stitched natural leather upholstery.

Pepe has a strong character and an unyielding temperament. Pepe has personality. Pepe is sure to spice up any environments, just as the spice it is named after does with your dishes.

Pepe looks invariably great whether placed by itself, centre stage, around a table, or in front of a desk.

A piece of furniture surely evocative but no less pragmatic, Pepe guarantees comfort and ergonomics thanks to the sled base accompanying the chair inclination and ensuring correct posture.

Pepe combines beautiful lines and rigorous function. A defining piece in any décor, it is suitable for multiple contexts such as leisure spaces, convivial areas, lounges, workplaces, or private homes: in short, wherever you feel the need for a chair that immediately spices up your environment with intense, surprising, and lasting impressions.

Pepe won the 2021 Archiproducts Design Awards in the Furniture category for being a perfect mix of manufacturing techniques, quality, aesthetics and creativity.

Carrying the scent of faraway lands, it gives you a sense of freedom.

Because what counts is not the place where you are, but that you continue your journey.