Guelfo | wingback, footstool Lapo Ciatti / 2015-2018

A cozy and comfortable bucket seat, a reassuring form with absolutely contemporary details: these are the main features of Guelfo, the wingback designed by Lapo Ciatti.

Guelfo wingback and footstool were launched in 2015 with the aim to give a new, refined and innovative (sometimes ironic) style to the 18th century French archetype and like all the other pieces presented that year, they find source of inspiration in the Middle Ages and in the process of overcoming common knowledge.

So we can find on the one hand the name Guelfo as an homage to one of the two opposite factions which during the Medieval times built the culture and history of the city of Florence, while on the other hand the ironic use of aesthetic standard of the past, here contaminated and updated with very contemporary details.

A very sharp (and post modern) way of playing with uncommon combinations as the idea of using together a mixture of seemingly heterogeneous details and materials such as the capitonné work for the upholstery and black nickel for the structure.

The wingback, as well as the footstoolcan be upholstered in various types of fabric or leather.

In 2018 Guelfo Fur joined the collection a soft and ironic faux fur version.

Guelfo, featuring great visual impact and scenic power, is the ideal choice to give a touch of personality to the most exclusive contract environment as well as to the finest residential areas.

Perfect for those who want pieces of furniture ever protagonists, ever ordinary.

" From the start I wanted to make a sofa with a strong impact which could nevertheless provide an enveloping feeling, be somewhere you would want to spend your time.

I imagined an evening in a distant past, a winter’s night spent before the chimney sipping a glass of aged cognac, while chatting with a dear friend of battles and future projects. "

Lapo Ciatti