Yum Yum Lapo Ciatti / 2020

Alone or with others, outside or inside the house, a pouf or an armchair?

The Yum Yum seating collection has an answer for all this and even more. It is a sum of opposites, and as such, utterly charming.

Yum Yum is a pouf with a backrest, precisely a soft padded pouf with a strong wooden backrest. But it is also a comfortable armchair highly conducive to total relaxation, with a padded seat that looks very much like a pouf. In Yum Yum, a warm, plump seat meets a Nordic and minimalist backrest.

Whether as a single armchair, two-seater sofa or extra-large armchair with a 20 cm larger seat (from the 66 cm of the single armchair to the 86 cm of the extra-large version) it ensures moments of pure relaxation or can become a comfortable space from which to check your email, go over a project, or make that special telephone call.

Thanks to the practical side pocket and the removable fabric upholstery for easy cleaning, it is ideal in contract environments – waiting rooms, professional offices, hotel lounges, restaurants, or boutiques – as well as in private homes. Wherever it is, Yum Yum can transform any room, including the smallest and most conventional one, into a place to share with others or where to spend some quiet time alone with your thoughts.

A versatile piece (widely customizable in fabrics and colours) that adds to the décor without overpowering it, Yum Yum enhances the perception of spaces by making them special and memorable, but also performs its primary function in the best possible way: that of guaranteeing a comfortable moment of relaxation.

Yum Yum expresses joy, conviviality, discovery, and imagination.

It is a favourite place to experience and share.