LOVE Joel Escalona / 2012

Love is an iconic and scenographic padded chair: designed by Joel Escalona, it evokes the works of the masters of pop art Andy Warhol and Keith Haring.

A comfortable heart, an ironic pouf that add warmth whichever environment it is placed in. It creates an atmosphere in the bedroom, provides informality to an entrance, adds an alternative touch to an austere sitting room, decorates a teenager’s bedroom, but also gives originality to formal environments thanks to its bubbly personality and its simple but evocative shape.

Made in soft polyurethane foam, the Love pouf can be coated in various types of fabric and leather.

Enough words, Love is all you need. Because when it comes to your heart, you don’t need too many words.

“My conceptual goal was to create something inspired by meaning, symbols and emotions, and certainly this charming seat is a mix of all that.

It’s funny how this icon can represent the most important feeling for us and be so simple, identifiable and beautiful at the same time.”

Joel Escalona