Portariviste Lapo Ciatti / 2017

Portariviste, an object that identifies exactly its function and there is no need for a different name to define it. Portariviste is so similar in the concept but so distant in the essence from the “essentials” of Lapo Ciatti. Piece of furniture - ILavolo, LAlampada, ILletto, LApanca – or objects Fermaporte and Portariviste indeed, all characterised by extreme recognition of forms and pure functionality, so presentations, if not useless, appear at least superfluous. Portariviste is an object of great personality made in leather, regenerated black or natural, with a shiny steel structure - black nickel or 24 K gold - perfect in every room where there is a need to put order with boldness and character. At home, in an office, in the lounge of a prestigious hotel or for the book corner of a sophisticated bar.

Portariviste is part of the special line of small size products presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017, an absolutely novelty inside Opinion Ciatti’s family.

Portariviste nero

" Because sometimes the smallest detail is enough to make a difference. "

Lapo Ciatti