Ptolomeo TV Smart Bruno Rainaldi / 2011-2020

Essential, light, functional. Ptolomeo TV Smart is the natural evolution of Ptolomeo TV Light multimedia stand, and the latest addition to the growing Ptolomeo family. As needs change and consumption patterns evolve, Ptolomeo TV Smart adapts to the ever-increasing dimensions of the latest-generation TVs. The structure remains the same: a cable management column, two sets of steel shelves designed to contain the most widely used appliances, and a support with a TV adapter at the top. What changes are the volumes: both base and column are larger to ensure stability even with much bigger and heavier TV sets.

Finally, new stylish finishes for the base such as refined white Carrara or black Marquina marble complete the classic white or black lacquered steel.

Ptolomeo TV Smart’s slender and crisp lines make it ideal for any context and environment. Functional and flexible thanks to the pivoting wheels, it can be easily moved to better suit different requirements and spaces.

Ptolomeo becomes larger, it evolves and embraces new functions, offering solutions.

Times change, and Ptolomeo TV changes with them.