Cielo & Terra Marcantonio / 2019

Food for thought to investigate our deep and eternal bond with nature, our "world of belonging": this is how Marcantonio likes to define his Terra (Earth) and Cielo (Sky) rugs

A blooming forest under a clear sky, populated by lions and cheetahs, bison and antelope and a blue sky surrounded by the green fronds of trees on which colourful birds lay down. Four-colours printed synthetic fibre carpet that replicate scenes of flora and fauna “of land” and “sky”: a way to bear in mind that the animals and plants with which we share the planet today are not too dissimilar from those that a few millennia ago we could have met walking in the woods or to those we would have seen lifting our heads up to the sky in search of a ray of sunlight.

A natural environment that is deliberately depicted in the typical manner of the Renaissance frescoes, an age in which, for the first time, nature is conceived in "modern key" as a living whole, intimately linked with man.

Available in two rectangular sizes  but broadly customisable  Cielo and Terra carpets have a webbing edge and a felt backing that protects the surfaces and guarantees maximum stability.

The perfect rugs for anyone who believes the relaxing power of nature.

"Reproducing the natural environment in the typical manner of Renaissance frescoes, we are encouraged to reflect on the fact that in history tools have influenced not only our interaction with the environment, but also the forms of art we have used to represent it".