La Gabbia Lapo Ciatti / 2015

La Gabbia, Lapo Ciatti's storage cabinet is a sculptural element of scenic impact made of metal and aluminum, embellished with 24 glossy studs. Part of #FollowYourRoots 2015 project is an element of strong character and symbolic meanings, inspired to the Middle Ages as the rest of the collection.

La Gabbia is a practical organiser equipped with four shelves. Ideal as a library, it allows a variety of uses thanks to the freedom of arrangement of each element. Its particular shape enhances its containing capacities and its sophisticated design perfectly fits in every room, both in living and sleeping areas. Available in three different finishes (black varnished with black nickel studs, coten effect with gold studs and stainless steel with chrome studs) it can be adapted to classical or contemporary contexts, always succeeding in generating a sophisticated, elegant and unique environment.

" Originally designed to constrain, has become a sophisticated container decorated with studs. No longer a prison but a shrine, to conserve and protect what we love and hold dear.  "

Lapo Ciatti