Ptolomeo x2 Bruno Rainaldi / 2007

Ptolomeo grows, evolves, multiplies, as Bruno Rainaldi liked to say: the family is starting!

Ptolomeo x2 originates from the "splitting" of the Original Ptolomeo, and from the same column there is a double row of shelves mirroring each other. The optical effect that comes from this element is absolutely unique, a central column with two piles of books almost 2 meters tall on their sides, protected on the back by only two thin steel rods. The shelves, as with all the bookshelves of the "Ptolomeo" family, seems to disappear once they fill up with books.

Made of lacquered metal, Ptolomeo x2 is absolutely free standing and is available in two different finishes glossy lacquered white for the whole bookshelf or with structure and the shelves in matt lacquered black with the base in stainless steel. Rods have always a polished stainless steel finishing.

Even though it is a bit cumbersome, the double version of Ptolomeo can also act as a dividing element,  and thanks to its essential design is well suited for all environments, from the most austere and elegant ones to the most unconventional contexts. From the bedroom to the living room, the entrance  and rest of the house, this piece of furniture will help to tidy all the rooms with its unique and unmistakable style.

Ptolomeox2 2

" Ptolomeo has started a family. A successful product Ptolomeo. From Milan, where it is born, in a short time it reached different towns, countries and continents. It won international prizes, it has collected many awards. But, above all, it has won the audience over, as people understood its innermost quality: function and poetical expression. living in different homes, in various surrondings, it discovered new opportunities, emphasized new possible uses, developped new means of function..."

Bruno Rainaldi