Ptolomeo Luce Bruno Rainaldi / 2014

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Compasso d’Oro, Ptolomeo lights up with warm white Led lights, which gives a more precious look and emphasises the presence of volumes, of the furniture that has shaped an indelible revolution in the world of design. Ptolomeo Luce combines the most famous features of Original Ptolomeo with a functional LED light applied to the back. A book shelf and at the same time a lamp, this particular piece of Ptolomeo allows to organise books and also to pleasantly enlighten the room with soft light.

Like the original version Ptolomeo Luce is made up of a lacquered metal column, resting on a solid base, also made of metal, designed to give balance to the entire structure. Books are placed on small overlapping shelves that disappear as the column fills with books. Ptolomeo Luce thanks to the back lighting system enhances the incredible effect given by the feeling of being in front of a stable pile of books, capable of challenging the height without the need for any support. Available in three heights and six finishes combinations (just like Original Ptolomeo), with its minimalist and essential design fits perfectly in any type of classic or contemporary décor; in the bedroom, in a corner of the living room or in the studio, and as well as being a real piece of furniture it can also be used as a reading lamp.

" To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the prestigious award attributed to Bruno Rainaldi, it seemed right to create something that would be able to further enhance the extraordinary peculiarity of Original Ptolomeo. What better solution could it be if not to point the headlights on it?

Ptolomeo Luce a bright success! "

Lapo Ciatti