Ptolomeo x4 Bruno Rainaldi / 2007

Ptolomeo grows, evolves, multiplies...and starts a family!

Ptolomeo X4 is the 4-sided 360° degree revolving version of the Original Ptolomeo, the perfect furniture for who loves books, organisation and designer’s work. The library develops around a central column from which the square shelves originate, depending on the height and the typology, from a minimum of 3 to maximum 14. Its slender line does not go unnoticed and its design, which starts from a simple concept, gives to spaces an impeccable and unique style. It is not cumbersome and it can be used in three different arrangements, also it is available in 2 heights (110 or 197 cm) and can contains books horizontally or vertically, creating a suggestive patchwork effect. Self standing, essential look, dense with contemporary elegance which enhances the presence of even the most minimalist furnishings. In the living room, next to the armchair, in the corner of the bedroom or next to the desk in some working context; it enriches each room and professional area ensuring stability, in spite of its high containment capacity (up to 420 books in the complete version with 14 shelves). Ptolomeo x4  is made of metal with a stainless steel glossy base, and is available in the polished lacquered white or opaque black.

An era of contrasts almost wholly lacking equilibrium, so it's our era.

Black or white.

Black for firmness, durability, depth.

White for candour, purity, lightness.

Bruno Rainaldi