Henri III IV Bruno Rainaldi / 2003 - 2015

Well defined with contemporary lines, a geometric design and unusual shapes in order to surprise and astonish. Henri is the collection of shelves designed by Bruno Rainaldi, characterised by the "unusual" triangular shape. Is like a “dinasty” of shelves, different in shape and size.

Henri III and IV are shelves for smooth walls to be placed alone or grouped into some imaginative composition. Made of stainless steel and available in glossy finish or in gold leaf.

Henri shelves are ideal inside all modern, super-traditional contexts.

The essential line makes Henri an extremely versatile product, easy to locate in every place even in the most complicated ones, in the living room or at the entrance, but also in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Henri shelves gives a touch of personality the environments in a gentle way, giving a distinctively unmistakable trait.

" A family and a dynasty, capable of solving modern space problems with style and originality. "

Bruno Rainaldi